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This is everything I didn't say

This is everything I didn't say

Bibliophile. Fangirl. Nyctophilia. Misanthrope for a reason. Thoughts and Quotes on #AlecsEireen's


ok bYE

TMI appreciation week → day seven
↳ favorite species:  Shadowhunters

Shadowhunters, also known as the Nephilim, are a secretive race of beings who are humans born with angelic blood. They are the appointed warriors on Earth of the Angel Raziel. They are appointed specifically to control and preside over the Shadow World, as well as over the demons and Downworlders who inhabit it. They have fought the demonic forces valiantly for well over the span of a thousand years, creating their own culture and civilization within human society. Their mandate is to keep the peace in the Shadow World and keep it hidden from the mundane world while protecting the inhabitants of both worlds.

(Source: tessajem, via youarethefirstdreamofmysoul)

""Be yourself" they say, if you tell the entire human race that aliens exist they would panic why because they’re afraid, they’re afraid of different. If you tell or show people you’re different they’ll be afraid of you and make you change and make sure you’ll wont influence anyone else. So don’t even fucking suggest that I be myself if your sure that you wont fucking judge me after"
Alecs Eireen(itsXeireen)


i feel so alone

but you’re not im here for you

oh my fuck its back on my dash

"You’re here to learn" bitch I’m here cause I was forced to now dont you dare tempt me to commit mass homicide cause I will do it



I think Prim’s favorite song would be Grenade by Bruno Mars


I would like to formally say farewell to the internet forever it was a great run but I am completely tired with this type of shit 

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